Transform your movie nights at home into cinematic events.

The HTSS-550 is a compact home theater system unlike any others out there. When you listen to the HTSS-550, what you will experience is immersive, natural and detailed sounds.  With iQSTM technology, an ordinary movie night is transformed into a cinematic event. All of it, from a minimalist design that is simple and elegant.

Bach, Beethoven or the Mozart of Madras... we have it all covered!

Whether you love the blues or heavy metal, western classical or its Hindustani counterpart, Beatles or Bollywood... HTSS-550 will bring your home audio experience alive! An inbuilt processor enables faithful high fidelity reproduction of the original sound, the way it was recorded and the way it is meant to be heard!
Adding dimension to the aural experience, HTSS-550 includes an integrated subwoofer that reproduces the lower frequencies and adds depth to your listening experience. Now, isn't that Music to your ears?

We've got you connected...

HTSS-550 was designed keeping you - and our connected world - in mind!  It therefore comes with wireless Bluetooth® connectivity and an Aux stereo audio input.

The inbuilt Bluetooth® allows you to stream music wirelessly from your Smartphone or any Bluetooth® capable device.  No Matter which device you connect it to, your HTSS-550 will intelligently adapt sound to the picture.  And of course, it also easily connects to your TV!

No wall required

Unlike other home theatre solutions, HTSS-550 does not need any special acoustic reflections to create surround sound.  The immersive nature of iQS™ technology creates a natural surround sound using proprietary analog signal processing, unique acoustic design and custom speaker drivers.  It means no more hanging, multiple speakers on the walls and messing around with cables to achieve surround sound!  Just plug and play!

Because the biggest ideas come in small sizes

 HTSS-550 is really compact.  But don't let its size deceive you.  It is designed to give you a powerful cinematic experience.  HTSS-550 not only gives you more picture with less clutter but can easily be moved from room to room.  So where's the next party?


Technical Specifications

Audio Power 85 W of Music Power
30 W Internal Subwoofer
Inputs & Outputs Input
Wireless Bluetooth®,
1 x 3.5mm AUX Input
DC Input Coax
Power Jack 15V
USB (Charger Only)
Type A USB Connector
Dimensions & Weight (W x D x H) 12" x 8.5" x 7"
(30.5 cm x 21.6 cm x 17.8 cm)
8.4 lbs (3.8 kgs)
Power Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Remote Control Power On/Standby
Input Select (Bluetooth® / AUX)
iQS™ Sound stage select
(Music, Movies, News)
Volume (+/-)
Bass Level (+/-)
Sound Stages Music, Movies, News
Front Panel Power On/Off
Volume +/-
Bluetooth® Pairing
Multicolor LED indicators

iQS™ Intelligent Sound

It is the result of our years of dedicated research and development. When listening is made intelligent, what you will experience is sound so immersive, it is as if you were there at the moment when the recording is made. Every bit of audio information is succinctly reproduced, from detail to direction. No matter where you are listening from, your listening experience will be transformed with iQS™.


iQS™ is unique to QSONIQ®. Our engineers spent years crafting and perfecting the technology to deliver sound unlike any other.


Natural sound is analog. iQS™ preserves and reproduces sound faithfully. What you hear is audio as it was when recorded.


iQS™ sound is free from artificial artifacts. Nothing is added to compensate. Sound is pure and clean, the way it meant to be heard.


With iQS™, sound can be isolated according to the tracks. It’s like bending light through a prism. Individual details can be enhanced to your listening preferences.


With iQS™, you are completely saturated in sound. Unlike traditional 5.1 surround sound setup that are direction specific, iQS™ is omni-directional, surrounding the listener in a sphere with a universal sweet spot.

Sound should be heard the way it is meant to be

QSONIQ® is a specialty audio design and engineering company with a portfolio of products utilizing its proprietary iQS™, intelligent sound, platform to transform the way sound is experienced by intelligently recreating the sound environment as it was when recorded. The result is sound that is immersive, natural and dynamic.

QSONIQ® was founded in 2009 when one of the founders, Mr. Chandra Reddy, observed that audio technology had not made the same leap in quality as visual technology had on television displays. Determined to close the gap, Mr. Reddy embarked on a search to find a solution to the problem, which led him to QSONIQ®’s co-founder, Mr. Yas Yamazaki.

Mr. Yamazaki had served as the President of Nakamichi USA and his three decades of experience in consumer audio electronics were influenced by his childhood passion to perfect audio fidelity. Together, they formed QSONIQ® and combined their collective expertise in audio processing circuits and semiconductor production, to develop a chip that would eventually become part of the iQS™ platform.

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    QSONIQ® is a specialty audio design and engineering company with a portfolio of products utilizing proprietary iQS™, intelligent sound, technology which transforms the way sound is heard by intelligently recreating the sound environment as it was recorded: immersive, natural and dynamic.

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